3 Airlifted from Rising Water in Wash in Azusa

Azusa, Los Angeles County, CA: Three people were rescued from rising water in the wash on the 1900 block of North San Gabriel Canyon Road in the city of Azusa early Tuesday morning, Mar. 14.

Randy Dominguez / KNN

The Los Angeles County Fire Department and Azusa Police officers responded to a call just before 2:00 a.m. for three victims trapped on a small island in the wash with water rising at the reported location.

Arriving firefighters could not reach the victims on foot. The fire department requested a helicopter from the Los Angeles County Fire Department to respond and assist with the nighttime water rescue.

They were able to safely rescue all three victims from the high level of water in the wash.

All three were examined by firefighters and paramedics and refused transport to a hospital.

Madonna, who lives in the wash area, spoke to Key News Network at the scene on camera and claimed they opened the floodgates to the dam completely which they’ve never done before, as far as she knew. She stated that she has been down in the wash for six years and it has never happened before; there was “no warning at all.”

When asked what happened after the water was released, Madonna said,”In like 10 minutes it was … above my waist.” She said she was “trapped on an island.”

Madonna told Key News Network that her boyfriend Mike is the only one missing.

Randy Dominguez, Video Journalist / KNN

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